The Firm’s Forensic and Litigation Services Include:

Civil Litigation

  • Business Appraisals including Cal Code Sec. 2000 Appraisals and Tax Compliance Reporting
  • Business Economic Damages, Business Interruption, Lost Business
  • Lost Earnings Analysis Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Employment Termination
  • Designated as 3rd Party Referee in Business Civil Matters
  • Estate and Trust Administrator to include Fiduciary Responsibility over Trust Assets and   Liabilities, Accounting and Tax Compliance Filings
  • Analysis of Trust Executor Fiduciary Breach related to Assets held in Trust to include Cash Disbursements and Tracings

Fraud Examinations

  • Management/Key Employee Assessment
  • Physical Controls
  • Skimming Schemes
  • Cash Larceny Schemes
  • Purchase and Billing Schemes
  • Payroll Schemes
  • Expenses Schemes
  • Theft of Inventory and Equipment
  • Theft of Proprietary Information
  • Corruption Practices (FCPA)
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Fraudulent Financial Reporting
  • Digital Forensics to include data extraction

Family Law

  • Business Appraisals and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Complex Tracings
  • Fiduciary Breach
  • Assist in Identification of Community and Separate Assets
  • Moore/Marsden Calculations
  • Identification of Missed Assets
  • Assistance with Settlement Negotiations

Financial Services

  • Business Appraisals
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Tax Compliance and Reporting
  • Retirement Planning
  • Full Charge Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting