The Firm’s Forensic and Litigation Services Include:


• Economic Loss Calculations for Business

• Estate and Trust Fiduciary Breach
• Business Appraisals
• Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Fraud Examinations

• Management/Key Employee Assessment
• Physical Controls
• Skimming Schemes
• Cash Larceny Schemes
• Purchase and Billing Schemes
• Payroll Schemes
• Expenses Schemes
• Theft of Inventory and Equipment
• Theft of Proprietary Information
• Corruption Practices (FCPA)
• Conflicts of Interest
• Fraudulent Financial Reporting
• Digital Forensics to include data extraction

Family Law

• Business Appraisals and Cash Flow Analysis
• Complex Tracings
• Fiduciary Breach
• Assist in Identification of Community and Separate Assets
• Moore/Marsden Calculations
• Identification of Missed Assets
• Assistance with Settlement Negotiations

Financial Services

• Business Appraisals
• Tax Reduction Strategies for Medium to Small Businesses
• Tax Compliance and Reporting
• Retirement Planning
• Full Charge Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting